DON’T WASTE YOUR Marketing Budget

Didn’t Get the Memo? Google Wants You to Fail!

Tried Adwords yourself and given up? Lost faith in your PPC company? Not to be cheeky, but Adwords is just too difficult to win at for 99% of business owners (and the majority of agencies as well). Your advertising budget would probably do better at the roulette tables in Vegas. The fact is, Google Adwords is incredibly complex and user-UNFRIENDLY, requires DAILY monitoring, and there’s NO support from big mama.

But Wait, Adwords Can Be Awesome!

If you are serious about generating high quality paid leads and ramping up your business fast, we can help. We can get you into the jetstream of highly motivated search traffic already predisposed to buy your products and services.

We’ll design, build, and launch multiple campaigns for you, allowing us to get extremely granular with the incoming data. In a matter of weeks, we will be able to identify your most profitable target groups and begin to filter out the non-performers. A well conceived and managed series of Adwords campaigns can accomplish some pretty amazing things for you:

1 Attract new customers to your website faster than any other method currently available.

2 Provide valuable market research data, including demographics and geo-targeting data

3 Reveal conversion rates from desktop & laptop, tablet, and mobile users.

4 Instantly increase your visibility by getting your company displayed on page 1 of Google.

Adwords Data + SEO = Yes Please.
The insights gained from evaluating Adwords performance can and should be used to laser target your marketing both online and offline. As we continue to refine your campaigns, we will be reporting back to you with suggestions and ideas to help you market more effectively. Most importantly, the data we accumulate will help direct our SEO efforts by revealing your best converting sub-niches.

Why We’re Different Than Other PPC Management Companies

We’re not a PPC management company. For our clients, Adwords is just one component of an integrated marketing solution. If it makes sense and we think it can be profitable, we’ll recommend it. But we never push the wrong solution on any of our clients because that happens to be our only area of expertise. When Adwords does make sense for our clients, however, we go nuclear:

We’ll work with you to ensure that you have proper landing pages on your website. Relevant, high converting landing pages raise your “Quality Score” and reduce your “Cost-Per-Click” – they’re the backbone of any successful Adwords campaign.

Finally, we will be watching closely to ensure that your campaigns are converting well. Ongoing monitoring and borderline obsessive tweaking activities include: bid management, keyword filtering, and overall campaign performance evaluations.

“Nitro initiated a pay-per–click campaign for us that successfully launched our products, and continues to sustain web-based sales”
Sheri Feldman, M.D., Nationwide Cosmetics eCommerce Store

Did You Know? Adwords ads get only about 5-10% of the clicks combined. The Other 90-95% go to the organic search results. Check out our SEO service to find out how you can get your website ranked in the search results.

Interested in Having Your Adwords Done Right?

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